Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hainan dipping blues

A bit of dirty twitching after work at Suan Rotfai yesterday (21st) turned into dirty dipping when the targeted Hainan Blue Flycatcher did not materialise - it had been seen earlier in the day by other regulars but decided to depart before I could get there.  I thought that it was supposed to be a dowdy female but saw images of it on-line when I got home, it was in fact a stonking male. Ouch, that would have been a juicy patch tick.

For my troubles, I did manage to find a (silent) Sakhalin/Pale-legged Leaf Warbler, which was my first of the autumn. I also had a cunning plan to check the now floodlit areas of the park after dark in the hope of snagging myself a migrant Grey Nightjar (another much overdue patch tick) but the heavens opened after I got glimpses of a Drongo spp (probably Crow-billed) leaving myself and a dozen joggers to spend the next hour and a half sheltering from the downpour in the gents toilets!!!!

This morning (22nd) I made a return to the park for 90 minutes, with the Hainan Blue confirmed gone I sought out my own birds and managed a reasonable haul of common migrants:  two confirmed Pale-legged Leaf Warblers (both calling and one responding to playback), a single Arctic Warbler (which remained silent but came in to check out borealis play back having completely ignored Kamchatka LW payback), two female-type Yellow-rumped Flycatchers and two Asian Brown Flycatchers.

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