Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Blue Whistling Thrush on the patch

The discovery of a Blue Whistling Thrush in the "Secret Garden" at Suan Rotfai on 30th October presented me with an immediate quandry - was it a genuine migrant, or an escapee from the nearby Chatuchak Market?

The bird was found  by a very keen and competent local birder, who managed to secure a large number of images of it.  Clearly it was of the nominate, black-billed race M. c. caeruleus which is a migrant to Thailand (rather than the resident M. c. eugenei).  I did a bit of searching on-line and found that the modest amount of wear on the bird's tail feather tips was pretty normal.

I saw the Whistling Thrush early on Saturday morning (31st Oct), still in the Secret Garden, and giving excellent views, but the very early hour meant photos were not possible, and I could not stick around due to other commitments - so it was effectively a dirty twitch, on my own patch!

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