Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Some new species for Thailand, and for my patch

BCST has just published the latest records round-up covering the period March-May (see link here).

Amongst the many records from around Thailand there are four new species added, including Sakhalin Leaf Warbler - Phil Round's team confirmed 15 individuals out of a total of 75 "Pale-legged" types trapped on the recently discovered migrant hotspot of Ko Man Nai island in the eastern Gulf of Thailand. All confirmed birds were ID'd as long-winged males which exceeded the known measurements of PLLW, so it can be assumed that some of the other 60 birds were Sakhalins that were within the zone of biometric overlap. Phil and co. also added Japanese Leaf Warbler (recently split from Arctic) to the Thai list on Ko Man Nai.

My personal interest was drawn to a couple of species that were seen on my local patch, Suan Rot Fai, by other birders: an Indian Cuckoo and somewhat more grippingly a Fairy Pitta. These bring the list of species (that I am aware of) being recorded in the Park to 145. 

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