Sunday, December 16, 2012

15th Dec 2012

Quite a lot of activity on the patch this morning, with pride of place going to the adult male Orange-headed Ground Thrush which is still present. Other goodies included my highest counts of Night Herons (three juvs and one adult), and Open-billed Storks (five).

Wintering passerines included one Pale-legged Leaf Warbler*, two Dusky Warblers, and about eight Yellow-browed Warblers, four Asian Brown and six Taiga Flycatchers and two Brown Shrikes.

Drongos included one Black and three Ashy (two leucogenis and one salangenis), whilst three Barn Swallows included one tytleri-type individual.

*Note that I use the name Pale-legged Leaf Warbler to some degree as a "superspecies", given the difficulty in identifying Sakhalin Leaf Warbler. Whilst Sakhalin has not been knowlingly recorded in Thailand its winter-time distribution is poorly known and so it seems possible that it does/will occur.  Today's bird was very grey on the head, with quite a whitish supercilium contrasting with the pale yellow double wingbar. The bird called occasionally - a liquid "tu-lut" which was somewhat clipped at the end; this is a different call from the standard "tink" which  is often given repeatedly, but it is a call that I am familar with as I heard the call today before seeing the bird and I recognised it as a PLLW call.

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