Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still attracted to the Dark side

A short visit to SRF after work produced more prolonged views of yesterday's Dark-sided Flycatcher,  two Mugimakis, and a phyllosc seem in terrible light but which appeared to be an Arctic Warbler (all in the same tree!). The only other passerine migrants being an Asian Brown Fly seen and a Brown Shrike heard.

The photo of the Dark-sided Flycatcher below is not great, but it shows the key features quite well - note the long wings relative to the tail, the concave bill sides and the limited pale base to the bill, the whitish sub-moustacial, the "checkerboard" effect on the breast and the sharply defined white throat.  The overall ground colour is significantly darker than on Asian Brown Flycatcher.

the flash was strong on this one...

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