Monday, April 16, 2012

More migrants

0610-1010hrs at SRF. A good morning's birding but incredibly hot, this being the end of the dry season and the monsoon rains due any time now.  The birding was pretty high caliber, with four Mugimaki Flycatchers (one adult male, two 2cy males and one female, probably 2cy) - this is particularly notable as I have only seen two individuals of this species in the park before.  Also in the same area as these birds was a single adult Dark-sided Flycatcher (well-maked on the underparts and behaving quite differently from Asian Brown Fly by making big aerial sallies and perching on exposed branches). Elsewhere in the park I found a 2cy male Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. The other highlight was a total of three Forest Wagtails (one pair and a single), the first I have seen on the patch since last autumn.

In addition to these the "usual suspects" were represented by 2-3 Asian Brown Flycatchers, two Thick-billed Warblers and five Black-naped Orioles.  There were still one or two Black-capped Kingfishers present, and at least 15 Chinese Pond Herons. However, conspicuous by their absence were Taiga Flycatcher and Brown Shrike.

Dark-sided Flycatcher

2cy male Mugimaki Flycatcher

Forest Wagtail

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