Friday, March 30, 2012

A bit Narc'd off

Did an early morning walk at the Ministry of Public Relations this morning which started pretty uneventfully but that changed when I picked up what can only have been a male Narcissus Flycatcher (which has been recorded in Thailand perhaps ten times).  The bird was a seen for about a minute, from behind in poor light (somewhat against the rising sun), and though I would have liked to have got better views I don't think there can be much doubt about the ID as I saw the bird's orange-coloured supercilium (the main confusion spp, Yellow-rumped Fly, has a white super).  The rump was hidden by the closed wings most of the time, but was glimpsed on a couple of occasions and was obviously a bright orange-yellow.  The only thing that nagged me at the time was that the colour of the super could have been a trick of the light,  but I realised sometime afterwards that the bird's scapulars, which were gleaming white, would probably also have shown some warm tones if indeed the super colour had been an optical illusion.

Armed with my camera, I went back a little later in the morning and spent over an hour searching for it without success, however there was a lot of other activity, with at least 6 Yellow-browed Warblers, a Thick-billed Warbler, two Black-naped Orioles and best of all, a Hodgeson's Hawk-cuckoo which is rather a rare bird in Bangkok.

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