Thursday, January 21, 2010

18th January 2010

Did Suan Rot Fai after work today and got a nice surprise with the first bird I saw being a male BROWN-THROATED SUNBIRD (also known as Plain-throated, depending which authorities you use), which was a patch tick   This species is, according to Round (2008) present in parks and gardens in the city, but this is the first one that I've seen.  I think I need to look at sunbirds a bit more carefully in future as I had assumed that all the birds in the city were  Olive-backed.

Other highlights included TAIGA (3) and ASIAN BROWN (2) Flycatchers, plus nice views of a THICK-BILLED WARBLER as it was chased through scrub by two resident ORIENTAL MAGPIE ROBINS and a PIED FANTAIL.

I THEN picked up a strange "tacking" call which I tracked down to get ANOTHER patch tick in the form of a RADDE'S WARBLER. Of course it gave great views and didn't have my camera.

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