Sunday, January 25, 2009

My very local, local patch

With time limited for going birding in recent weeks, I've elected to sack it off and just go to stretch my legs on the only patch of green accessible within walking distance of the house - a walking track open to the public in the Ministry of Public Relations (does that mean "Ministry for Censorship?!!). It's given me a few birdy moments - with Black-naped Orioles, Taiga Fly, Yellow-brows and a wintering Brown Shrike all within 5 minutes of the house. However in the last couple of days this site has excelled itself, with a BLACK-CAPPED KINGFISHER perched atop on of the ministry out-buildings (next to a lilly pond) on 23rd, and this morning a PEREGRINE being hassled by Large-billed Crows on the radio tower. Fantastic!

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Me said...

hi there

was in srf myself the day before and the light was awful. congrats on some good snaps and if you get a moment please help me identify some i have posted here: