Friday, January 16, 2009

The mid-winter slump

There is no excuse for a mid-winter slump in Thailand, unless of course you have something very big to preoccupy you. In my case there has been a major preoccupation in recent weeks - namely the planning and celebrating of our wedding last birding has been on the back-burner. The little bits I have done however have been very high quality - a days diving off Koh Phi Phi on 30th December produced at least two female CHRISTMAS ISLAND FRIGATEBIRDS amongst a wheeling group of LESSER FRIGATEBIRDS around Koh Bida Nok during our surface interval - the Xmas birds were quite easy to pick up on size, once we had our eye-in (greater frigatebird is also a possibility in this area, so plumage features need to be observed carefully).

Then a morning walk around the resort we stayed at on Koh Samet produced excellent views of a male WHITE-THROATED ROCK THRUSH on 13th January.