Thursday, July 6, 2017


An overnight work trip to Mae Sot on 4th & 5th July gave me a chance to go and check out my regular rice paddy patch early morning.  Whilst the rainy season is pleasantly cool in this part of Thailand, the birding is a little slow and so after a short time it became apparent that the paddy patch didn't have too much to offer, through a pair of painted snipe were a nice adition to the list of species I have seen there.

When I got back to the hotel car park I found a pair of Hoopoes busily feeding in the gravel.  Given the heavily worn state of both birds' plumage, and the fact they they repeatedly flew off in the same direction whilst carrying their favoured cockroach preys, I'm guessing they had a nest close by occupied by hungry mouths!

The photo above and the first two below illustrate the paler pink female, whilst the bottom image shows the more intensely coloured male.




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