Sunday, December 13, 2015

Intermediate Egret

Amalee and I took our god daughter cycling in Suan Rot Fai on Thurdsday (11th) and whilst biking around I managed to find an Intermediate Egret amongst the Cattle Egrets and Pond Herons. I made a return trip this morning and found presumably the same bird, but this time I was armed with optics!

Intermediate Egret is a common bird around Thailand in winter,  but this is onlt the thord one that I have seen on the Patch, after finding one in Oct 2014 and another last winter, though my suspicion is that I have over looked them here in the past.

The only other notable bird this morning was an indochinensis Asian Paradise Flycatcher, which following ht e ssrecent split of this secies would become "Blyth's Paradise Flycatcher", which is a common forest resident, although most birds I encounter on the patch are migrant Amur Paradise Flycatchers on passage.

Intermediate Egret

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