Tuesday, February 3, 2015

More time with Hartert's Leaf Warbler

I visited the patch for an hour this morning with the objective of seeing the Hartert's Leaf Warbler again. 

I actually picked it up on call, which was surprising as it had been silent when I saw it on Saturday, but I failed to get a sound recording (another reason to go back again).  This morning I got some additional photos, with the bird showing at close range when bathing, and at some moments so close that I couldn't focus the camera on it (Note to self: need to switch the focus limiter off next time!).

Under all lighting conditions the undertail coverts were contrastingly yellow compared with the paler belly, whilst the upper breast could appear almost oilve when the bird was seen head on. The coronal stripe appears stronger at the rear than at the front.

Behaviour wise it did a mixture of "nuthatching" (ie foraging along thicker branches and peering over them, neck outstretched), some gleaning from leaves and some foraging around dead palm fronds.

Other notable birds seen this morning included the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, two Black-naped Monarchs (including a glowing male) and the Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher, which seems to be a good signpost for the Hartert' LW a they seem to be feeding in close proximity (various people have suggested that the Flycatcher benefits by catching insects disturbed by the Warbler).

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