Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sunday 30th November

A walk around Suan Rot Fai early in the morning produced a couple of surprises -  an Ashy Minivet picked up on call and located high in a conifer looked very strongly marked on the underparts (so strongly marked in fact that it looked like Ryukyu Minivet). Discussion with Phil Round suggests that 1st winter Ashy Minivet can be quite variable in the degree of markings on the breast, so I guess this is at the dark end of the spectrum.

very well-marked 1st winter Ashy Minivet

The other notable bird seen this morning was a 1st winter Orange-headed Ground Thrush.  This is the fifth individual I have seen in the park in the last two years, with four in late November/early December and one in spring this year.  This morning's bird was not very co-operative, choosing to lurk in a dark corner of the park.

Orange-headed Ground Thrush at high ISO

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