Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thaksin Maharat National Park, Tak province

I drove back from Mae Sot to Bangkok this morning, breaking the journey with a dawn visit to Thaksin Maharat NP.

Birds were not seen in particularly large numbers, but I  heard a Bamboo Woodpecker drumming on the other side of the valley (so totally inaccessible) - the drumming was loud and relatively short, slowing at the end (but not to the same extent as Rufous Woodpecker's "motorbike"). I have listened to Xeno-Canto recordings of the drumming of all woodpeckers that occur in this area and am certain of the ID, which is not that surprising as Bamboo 'pecker been recorded here previously, but personally I have never seen or heard one anywhere.

I also picked up four Olive Bulbuls (pretty range-restricted in Thailand) and several groups of White-throated Bulbuls. Other species included many Spangled Drongos, two Marten's Warblers, two Yellow-browed Warblers, a couple of Two-barred Greenish Warblers (heard only) and several Red-rumped Swallows feeding over the canopy.

The other interesting bird was this japonicus Buzzard which gave excellent views after it came out of the forest (presumably from a roosting site).

japonicus Buzzard

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Sacha Barbato said...

Fantastic Buzzard shots