Wednesday, September 26, 2012

25th Sept - a "Sibe" in Suffolk!

Went out this morning and things much more promising than yesterday.  I did Minsmere Sluice Bushes and scrapes from 6.15-8.15am. First notable bird was a juv Hobby that headed  north over the reserve as I made my way past South Hide. I also saw it again about 40 minutes later when it flew over East Scrape and put up a few birds, including the Pectoral Sandpiper, which I managed to get a record shot of (see below).


I checked the Public Hide where I failed to relocate the Pec but saw a few waders including a single Red Knot.  As I walked southwards along the beach to the Sluice I had several groups of Barn Swallows heading south, as well as about ten Song Thrushes which were obviously migrants.

The Sluice Bushes looked promising, with early morning sun and a few sheltered areas. Within five minutes I had located a Lesser Whitethroat at the north end of the bushes, whilst about 200 meters further south I entered the bushes and had brief views of a crest spp, and whilst trying to relocate it I glimpsed what I was 99% sure was a Yellow-browed Warbler - which immediately disappeared!  I could not relocate it despite some serious pishing (I momentarily considered playing Collared Owlet to trying and pull it in!!!). I returned to the north end of the Sluice Bushes as I had to leave, but saw the Lesser Whitethroat again and found that it had been joined by an Acro.  Whilst trying to photograph the Acro the Yellow-browed Warbler popped up and called then dived for cover, however it showed a couple more times in response to my pishing, and a female Blackcap showed briefly as well.

Nice to get a Yellow-browed - the first ones should be turning up at home in Bangkok about now!

Reed Warbler

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