Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Waders & Raptors

Excellent day's birding at Pak Thale and Nong Pla Lai Eagle Watchpoint.

In the morning Pak Thale produced the usual range of high quality waders, including two Spoon-billed Sandpipers, at least 25 Nordmann's Greenshank, c. 500 Great Knot, several groups of Broad-billed Sandpipers (including several birds attaining summer plumage), 20+ Long-toed Stints and a single Temminck's Stint.

Long-toed Stint

 Black-winged Stilt

During the afternoon Nong Pla Lai produced an excellent selection of raptors including Black, Brahminy and Black-shouldered Kites, Pied and Eastern Marsh Harriers, a single Booted Eagle, approximately ten Great Spotted Eagles, one Imperial Eagle and at least two Steppe Eagles including stunning views of an immature bird feeding on the ground just ten meters from our car for thirty minutes. Also at least two Black-headed Ibises feeding amongst egret flocks in this area.

Steppe Eagle

Greater Spotted Eagle

 Imperial Eagle

Greater Spotted Eagle

 Greater Spotted Eagle (same bird as above)

 Steppe Eagle

 Steppe Eagle (different from above)

Eastern Marsh Harrier (2cy?)


Gerry Brett said...

Dave there are some great shots here - great captures. Well done

Sacha Barbato said...

Fantastic raptor shots! Nice one Dave