Sunday, August 7, 2011

Expanding my territory

I have always accepted that my local patch is too big to cover exhaustively on the short visits that I make, and from the forays that I have made away from my usual favored spots, I have been disappointed by a lack of favourable habitat. However, a week or so ago I was looking at the Googlemap of Suan Rot Fai and noticed a large area of trees that I had not "ground truthed" in the southern section of the park, so this morning I went and checked it out.  It actually looks rather promising - quite undisturbed by other park users, and with a nice mix of vegetation.  I then went a bit further and discovered a small island that looks to have good potential, and can be accessed by a series of stepping stones.  This area seems very much undisturbed and has loads of cover, but seems pretty workable by a single birder. Six weeks from now I'll know whether or not this potential has any chance of being fulfilled.

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