Friday, April 15, 2011

Eye-browed Thrush

Another new bird for the patch today in the form of  Eye-browed Thrush.  However I didn't see one bird, I saw at least seven in a total of four locations, and suspect there were perhaps 10-20 present overall as I kept picking up their thin alarm calls, and got the impression I was hearing more than I was seeing.  

Eye-browed Thrush is a common wintering bird in Thailand's forests (I saw a flock of 50+ at Kaeng Krachan NP last weekend) but according to Round (2008) it is an uncommon passage migrant around Bangkok and the Central Plains, with most records being of single birds.  My suspicion is that the birds I saw today are a migrating flock that has dispersed through the park to feed up before continuing northwards.

Other interest today came in the form of late winterers which must be due for departure soon, including two Thick-billed Warblers, and two Black-naped Orioles as well as a single Taiga Flycatcher.


Nick Upton said...

I saw at least 3 Eyebrowed Thrushes this morning at Sri Nakorn Kuen Kan park in Samut Prakarn province - obviously a fair number of these birds on the move right now.

Jaffa said...

Hello Mr Gandy!
Saw your comment on my blog and thought I'd make contact on the blog - Oh how times have changed, when we were twitching rares in the UK in the good old 80s, little did we know about blogs and now we're all at it!
Well done with the Narcissus Flycatcher - corker. Trust you are well and life is good.
Keep in touch (on the blog obviously!) Jaffa