Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Knot a lot!

Pak Thale/Lae Pak Bia area again today - very productive with one SPOON-BILLED SANDPIPER, a flock of 45 NORDMANN'S GREENSHANK, and two Thailand ticks for me in the form of three RED-NECKED PHALAROPES and five PIED AVOCET (both quite rare in Thailand).

Also the largest number of GREAT KNOT I have ever seen, with a single flock estimated at 600-800 birds.

A large flock of waders, predominantly Great Knot, 
but with Nordmann's taking the front row.

BirdLife International estimates the population of adult Nordmann's 
at 500-1,000 - so a flock of 45 birds is rather significant!

Sunrise Spooner

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