Monday, March 29, 2010

22nd March - Unmasked!

Whilst at Fraser's Hill I made the mistake of checking my email one evening.  There waiting in my inbox was a message from Peter Ericsson with the news that a MASKED FINFOOT was at Khao Yai. Once I'd picked myself up off the floor, I resolved to go for it upon return to Thailand - these birds used to be gettable in Krabi's mangroves, but that was the best part of 15 years ago; in the seven years I have lived in Thailand I have only heard of one record, and I seriously considered twitching one in Singapore earlier this year.

After re-organising a few personal and office plans, Chris and I lept into the hire car and embarked upon my first Thai twitch: Bangkok-Khao Yai-Bangkok in eight hours, and Finfoot firmly under the belt!

A big bird - in every sense!

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