Wednesday, October 28, 2009

27th Oct 2009 - A severe case of Thrush

The offering of South Easterlies and early rain meant that Sacha and I were Blakeney Point bound today. Whilst having breakfast and sorting out the moth trap in the garden we had a flock of 40+ Redwing go over. Game on.

Got to Coastguards and a short seawatch releaved more thrush flocks coming in-off, low over the water, then gaining height over Cley Marsh.

Walking up the Point quickly produced a mass of newly arrived Blackbirds flushing out of the suede, with two Ring Ouzel amongst them. More thrush flocks went over continually, some mixed, others pure Blackbird/Redwing/Fieldfare, some more than 100 birds strong, and joined by others that had been decked in the suede. The scale of the movement was nicely exemplified by finding more than 50 Blackbirds in the tiny Plantation!

A Peregrine and a Merlin passed over, obviously being kept busy by the movement of thrushes, and there seemed to be good numbers of Reed Buntings around the boat between Coastguards and Halfway House.

Smaller numbers of thrushes were seen as we headed back down the Point, when a Woodcock dropped from the sky, whizzing past Sacha's head and almost impaling him.

Arrived back in Fen Drayton after dark and heard yet more Redwings passing over. A great day of vizmig.

The scale of the passage is nicely summarized by the Punks here.

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