Friday, November 14, 2008

A cold (!) snap

The wonderfully cool temperatures that Bangkok is experiencing at the moment (lows of about 19 celcius) made a wander around SRF a real pleasure this morning.

Birdwise, there seemed to have been a recent arrival of YELLOW-BROWED WARBLERS, with at least four calling, plus a smattering of TAIGA FLYCATCHERS who I’m assuming are set in for the winter. Other padders included a couple of BLACK-CAPPED KINGFISHERS, a COMMON KINGFISHER, two ASHY DRONGOS, 5+ BLACK-NAPED ORIOLES, single ASIAN PARADISE FLYCATCHER (incei) and ASIAN BROWN FLYCATCHER. One other notable sighting was a BARN SWALLOW with distinctly reddish underparts, perhaps of the race tytleri

Taiga Fly

My question is: where are the Hoopoes?? SRF is a converted golf course, with lots of grassy areas and scrubby edges, and I can just imagine something black-and-white-and-pink flapping around there sometime soon… Also, Verditer Flycatcher, a late migrant, should be on the cards before the month is out.

Ashy Drongos

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